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quote 1I started teaching because I wanted to be a part of something that brought people so much joy and made me feel really good about myself, too.quote 2

-- Regan Kerwin, Instructor

Take it. Love it. Teach it.

Do you love your workout? Then lead it! Become an instructor and help others live stronger, happier lives.

Share what you love

This is your chance to teach, motivate and inspire. Share your passion for fitness and pass on the confidence and results you get from class.

Take it to the next level

Teaching works your body harder and gives you even better results. Get more out of your workout and reach your own fitness goals while helping students achieve theirs.

Keep it fresh

You won’t have to create new material—we do it for you. We send you new moves and new playlists and offer a variety of workouts to keep it fresh for you and for customers. All moves are pre-approved by a health and fitness specialist for the safest, most effective workout.

Team up

As an instructor you’ll get support from your local district manager and the whole Jazzercise team. From ongoing training to online resources to discounts on workout wear, we are here for you.

quote 3The best part about teaching Jazzercise is getting up on stage and having a dance party with all my friends—as my job!quote 4

-- Emily Newlands, Instructor

Let's do this!

Are you ready? Apply online, call 760.476.1750 or 800.FIT.IS.IT, or ask your local instructor.

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